Premium Service: Viking, Lynx, Marvel, U-Line, BlueStar

Premium appliance brands we service are the most trusted name in quality appliances. As pioneers of the first professional-grade appliances for home use, these brands are found in many high-end kitchens as well as in commercial settings.

Because of the quality of the manufacturing process, it may be less likely that you’ll experience a breakdown if you own Premium appliances. But if you do, you will need a qualified technician on call—You will need Promise Appliance Service & Parts!

Factory Trained & Experienced Technicians

Vikings sophisticated design means a higher quality appliance, which means repairs can be a little bit more demanding than a lower quality product. Premium appliances are well-engineered and on a higher level of quality then your average brands. These units are well built, and our technicians have the skill set to perform services with all the proper tools and protection for your appliance and home. You wouldn’t take your Lamborghini to a Honda dealership for service? Similar to your premium products, you require quality service with quality parts on hand to ensure your product will perform as designed.

The Right Parts On Hand

What sets Promise Appliance apart from our competition is our impressive stock selection of needed parts. From downdrafts to beverage centers, we are able to complete the necessary repairs on the first visit, no need to wait for parts to come in. We have the largest inventory of Viking parts at our shop in the state. This is extremely important when the appliance is imperative to your everyday tasks. You may argue that your wine cooler is essential but wouldn’t also agree that a non-functional refrigerator is much more of an inconvenience in your day to day life. Promise Appliance can get your appliance working again and get your back on track.

Maintain Warranty Coverage

Viking offers warranties on its products, but repairs should be performed by factory-trained professionals. After a major investment in high-end appliances, it is just as important to preserve the warranty coverage. Using a non-authorized servicer could jeopardize your warranty coverage.

Trust Promise Appliance for Service in Colorado

Promise Appliance covers the entire state of Colorado for Viking Warranty. We will travel to you with all the correct parts in hand. As a business, we strive for first-time completions. It is very important to us to exceed your expectations and get the job done accurately and promptly. We offer two-hour windows. Our technicians always call when they are on their way. We love repeat customers, as they are like family to us. 

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